The man who takes care of me at my nail salon wanted to make his first home purchase for he and his family. He asked me to work with him however, I struggle constantly understanding him and his second language which is English. After giving it some thought I decided to find him an agent who speaks Vietnamese. He really needed to understand the process of purchasing a home, and with his first home purchase, I was reluctant. I do not speak Vietnamese, and he needed that connection.

After a few phone calls, I was recommended to a gal named Lien Le. She took the referral gladly and we exchanged information. Unbeknownst to me, this became a very complicated task. She worked so hard to find him the right home and, with patience. Given the market and his need to qualify for the right loan, it took some time. But in the end, here is what I received after thanking her and, sending her flowers for her commitment to my Buyer and her professional and upbeat attitude:

“Dear Kate:

It is the MOST BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET I’ve ever received!!! They’re are all the mixture of my colors and are in my most preferred arrangement. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are so kind and thoughtful for something I do just in my duty as an agent.

Yes, you are right, Quan was so proud and pleased with this house. His wife hugged me more than once to thank me, and their two teenage sons folded their arms in front of their chests and bowed their heads a couple of times, with big smiles on their faces, to thank me as I handed the house keys to their father. I told the family it is truly not what I do for them but that they must have done good things in their lives to have good things returned to them.

Thank you Kate, for giving me an opportunity to work with this good and humble family, making it a very rewarding experience.

Warm regards:

Lien Le”

This is not a tribute to me, but a tribute to finding the right person and the right match. I am so happy I found her. She made this family so happy and, I know that they were represented appropriately. That is just a part of how much I care about my friends and family. Thank you Lien Le, you are amazing!

Kate Crist

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