Almond Orchard To The North

Spring in Clovis is particularly amazing. Not to forget the beauty of the North East section of Clovis where city meets orchards. Wafts of flowers penetrate the air and the fruit trees are in bloom everywhere. Tulips, field flowers and roses start to appear all over.

Armstrong and Shepherd Entrance to Deauville

My favorite neighborhood is Deauville, on the SE corner of Temperance and Shepherd. There are about 500+ homes in this development. Most all of the homes are built by Granville, one of the Central Valley’s most prolific builders. I also live in the neighborhood, which makes it my favorite, of course!

These homes range from a smaller one story 2/2, approx 1500 square feet to much larger custom homes as large as 5000 square feet. The development started late 2000. The average home price in January of this year is $445K, 3000 square feet. The lots vary. Many of the interior home lots are smaller. As the properties and streets widen, the lots and homes are larger within the radius of the development. The key element to the popularity of the development is the  award winning school district for growing families and the park and walking paths for joggers, pet owners and walking enthusiasts. There is also a bird sanctuary on the West end of the walking paths, which Birders and Curious Georges love to stop and gaze at what may be in the pond that day. The park is large enough for a football team. There is a nice playground and pic-nic area for kids of all ages.

2000 SFT Home In The Heart Of Deauville

In addition to  two story family designed homes, there are many one story homes for people who prefer that kind of floor plan: Executives, professionals or Empty Nesters’ who are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle. These home start at 1500+ sft to as large as 3600+. Some of these homes have large lots but most of them are modest in size. You have enough room for a pool or garden but not so much that you can’t pack up and go at your whim. Lots of Retirees and professionals live here in these homes, along with new families just starting out or single people wanting a community atmosphere but not cramped.

Deauville Park And Playground In Spring

The location is ideal. You feel as if you are almost in the country, however you get a wonderful community feel. During the holidays, most of us participate in lighting up our homes for the kids, Halloween is still “old fashioned” fun and the 4th of July is always exciting to see who has a block party or fans of sparklers and light shows of all kinds.

2600 SFT 2 Story

3100 SFT w/Large Lot and Pool

An important element to these homes (in comparison to Clovis in general) is that you cannot build the same home today for nearly the price you pay for a resale home here in Deauville. The cost of new construction has risen quite a bit in the last few years. Mainly, the reality of new construction is the rise in material pricing, higher wages and property values. You can’t get a better neighborhood and home in Clovis. Of course, I am a homeowner here, I can say this! You may need to upgrade the counter tops and appliances, but the builder builds a sound, good home with floor plans that are timeless. Lots of open spaces and natural light flood these nice homes and the lots are decent. You don’t feel cramped in as you do in other newer developments.

There will be a new Deauville East coming down the pike in late 2017. As I understand it, it will be on the South East side of Temeperance just North of Nees. these homes will be Granville built as well. the styles much like the styles in Copper Ranch that they are building today. If you have any interest in knowing more about these homes, please give me a call. I can share more information. And please call me if you have any interest in a home to purchase or sell in Deauville. I know and love the neighborhood!


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