It is always fun to plant a garden. But these days, as grocery costs are skyrocketing,  home gardening is a terrific way to not only save money, you can produce organic food that is good for you and fun for the whole family!

Some people have limited space at home to grow a garden. Vertical gardening is where you incorporate your fences or exterior walls into a garden bed. This way, the vines such as peas, beans and even cucumbers can grow up and down instead of horizontally, saving space and creating an interesting and beautiful landscape. Tomatoes can be grown this way as well. Herbs, peppers and most lettuces are great candidates too.

Planter boxes can be built to plant squashes, strawberries and melons. Some gardeners like to add herbs and onions, chives and other colorful plants to their pots mixing in with flowers. Herbs can be a beautiful addition to potted flowers, and as you use them they will continue to grow throughout the season. 

Growing your own food is very rewarding. It is a delight to know that you are putting healthy food on the table for you and your family. It is always fun for the children to help plant, grow and harvest. And, it can be incorporated in your landscape plan to be visually interesting and colorful.




Enjoy your Spring. It is time to get out there and plant your own garden! By seed or starter, it does not take much to have a full plate come early Summer in the Central Valley!
Written by Kate Crist CRS, CNE 559-392-9504 direct

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