As of January 1, 2017, all homes from 1994 and older must comply with the new Plumbing Fixture/Water Conservation Regulations when sold in the State of California.

What this means (and I am speaking from the hip and not by a chart or specifics) that when you sell your home, all homes built in 1994 or earlier must have low flow toilets, shower heads and adjusted faucets. This new regulation stems from the much needed water conservation here in our state in turmoil for the last 5 years or so.

It is just another expense in selling a home. And if you are scraping by already, be prepared to deal with this when a buyer offers you a purchase agreement to buy your home. The language is in the California CAR Contract and you may be subject to bring your plumbing fixtures up to regulation standards. Even if your home is built after 1994, be sure you do not sign a contract that has that in the offer! Some agents do not know the cut off date or, will just add it to appease the buyer. 

From what I understand, faucets need only a gadget at the opening to slow down the usage. The biggest expense is the toilet. Depending on how many you have, it can add up!

This regulation is not a “Point of Sale” but, Lenders may require this to close and even Insurance Providers may get into this as well. We just do not know yet. it will all unfold this year, as we acclimate to another cost and regulation in home maintenance. And BTW: It is not just for sales, the State of California expecta all homeowners to update their plumbing per the regulation, regardless.

Well, maybe this will create new jobs. Plumbing Police! Coming soon in every City! Woot-woot!

Written by Kate Crist CRS, CNE Guarantee Real Estate 1/24/2017

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