This next year you will see a transition from bright bold color to a more muted, natural palette of interior color and design. The whites are still very popular however the trend is to become “gender neutral”: Any color can be used in any room as is the world’s melting pot of races, religion and cultures. A fluidity of color enhances a room or entire home with a softness to the eye, to dance from accessories to counter tops, furniture to fabric.

Per House Beautiful and The Pantone Color Institute, the colors of 2017 are are “Rose Quartz and Serenity” boasting  gender equality for everyone.

Metallics are still very popular along with mirroring. Wood or earthy colors are painted, not the natural element, to bring out the low light of color. Bold colors are replaced with a hint of gentle softness, not to overpower any other personality in the room or home.

Fabrics have texture and patterns. More bold accents tend to still be in the accessory, while wallpaper is again a strong attendant with soft damask style grace.


In the Fall, we will see more oranges and crimson tones, bringing out the naturals of the season. Layering color is still very popular, with several hues of one color in one room.



Overall, you will see more layering, muted colors this year. many of these colors are timless and exemplify the beauty of nature and the majestic colors found on land, sea and scape.

If you have any questions regarding paint coloring and decorating, give me a call I could help you find the right person to talk with about your next project.


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