I received a note from my favorite MTG. Broker the other day. Rates have moved upward. Here is a brief look at today’s rates and a forecast. Hard to say if rates will go back down soon. We will have to see what the new President-Elect does with the first quarter of the year. But here is a taste of what they are of late. (Please confirm rates with your own lender. This is an example of where rates have gone since the election only!)


Good Morning Everyone,


To say that rates have been “volatile” since the election wouldn’t be totally true… they’ve just gone up. My opinion is that the market has over-reacted and that we’ll likely see rates come back down a little bit in coming months. However, rates going up can be a great selling opportunity. A $200k loan at today’s rates is approximately $55 a month more than it was with rates before the election. Also, this increase is tax deductible interest so it’s less than a true $55 cost.


Today‘s rates are as follows 

  • 30 year fixed conv. = 4.125% (4.254 apr) with a 0.123 credit
  • 15 year fixed conv. = 3.375% (3.579 apr) with a 0.392 cost
  • FHA and VA 30 year fixed:
    • 3.625% (4.437 apr) = 0.185 credit
    • 4.000% (4.521 apr) = 1.976 credit

Jeff Merrill

Sierra Pacific Mortgage dated November 16, 2016

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